How To Propose a Show:

W;t  (Mainstage, Fall 2015)

W;t (Mainstage, Fall 2015)

1. Be a member of Stage Troupe by being an undergraduate BU student who is not an acting major in CFA and pay your dues (usually about $7 a semester).
2. Find a show that you want to see on our stage. Some good resources to look at are MTI, Samuel French, and Dramatist's Play Service. Brookline Booksmith also has a good selection of shows available.
3. Find out if the rights to the show are available. Contact the Treasurer if you are unsure how to do this, or have questions. A resource that may help is 
4. Fill out the appropriate proposal form, located on the 'Forms & Resources' section of this website.
5. Make two copies of the script. 
6. Submit both scripts and the completed proposal form in an envelope labeled "Attn: Eric Jacobsen" to the Information Technology building (111 Cummington Street) by the appropriate deadline. 

How Shows are Selected: 

1. Each submitted proposal is reviewed by the Reading Committee. The committee is comprised of both general members and the E-Board and their task is to alert the membership to any concerns they have about the script (feasibility, subject matter, language, etc.). It is their job to bring up anything the membership may have concerns about before the show is voted on. If you have any questions about Reading Committee, feel free to contact the Vice President of Special Projects.
2. The potential directors pitch their shows to the membership at a General Meeting. They each get about 3-5 minutes to sell their shows. At the end of their pitch, they are asked all the questions posed by the Reading Committee and have about 2 minutes to answer each one. 
3. After each director has pitched their show, they are all brought up onstage at the same time and the membership is free to ask questions. They may be specific to a director or general for the whole group (i.e. "Can you give us a run-down of your previous directing experience?"). 
4. The membership votes on the proposals (with the option to vote 'No Confidence'), which are tallied by the Student Group Advisors. The two proposals that receive the highest number of votes are the next season's mainstages.   

Come Back Little Sheba  (Mainstage, Fall 2016)

Come Back Little Sheba (Mainstage, Fall 2016)