Speech and Debate

Written by Stephen Karam
Directed by Sarah Sosland
Technical Direction by Francis Smith

Produced by HwaYoun Kang and Elle Nava

speech&debate poster jpeg.jpg

October 26-28
The Student Theater at Agganis Arena

Speech & Debate is a dark comedy that is too smart to ever call itself a “dramedy.” It revolves around three misfit high school students in Salem, Oregon: Solomon, a school newspaper reporter; Howie, a gay transfer kid; and Diwata, a wannabe actress who can’t even get cast in her school district. The three come together to expose their drama teacher for sexually abusing teen boys by competing in a Speech & Debate contest. The play covers tough issues (abortion, homophobia, sexual assault) with an honesty that makes it heart wrenching, compelling, and funny at the same time.


Diwata: Michelle Sandler

Solomon: Aditya Jain

Howie: Rama Lauw

Teacher: Mia Carradine

Reporter: Miranda Montgomery