The Flick

Written by Annie Baker
Directed by Lucy Gamades

November 9-11
The Student Theater at Agganis Area

In a run-down movie theater in central Massachusetts, three deadbeat employees tend to one of the last 35mm projectors in the state. The three have a reluctant friendship, but often take out their inner struggles on each other. Sam is a fully-grown man with no prospects in life, Rose knows she is a stereotype of herself, and Avery has a turbulent past. They learn more about each other as they sweep, mop, and take care of the old place, only to reach a crisis point when they learn the little theater may be turned into a multiplex. They deal with the mundanity of their job in funny, sad, and unexpectedly poignant ways. 

2M, 1F, 1M/F

Sam (M): Mid-thirties. Lives with his parents. Going nowhere in life and painfully aware of it. 

Avery (M): Twenty or so. Intelligent; almost a savant. Loves the movies as escapism. 

Rose (F): Late twenties; early thirties. The projectionist. Very cool, very weird. Always in her own drama.

Skylar/The Dreaming Man (M/F): Skylar is the new kid at the theater. He's always wanted to touch the movie theater screen. The Dreaming Man is an older person who falls asleep during the movie...and hasn't yet risen as the credits roll.